VMC Members

1 District Magistrate Sh. Saradindu Chaudhari, IAS Chairman
2 District Education Officer Sh. Barun Das Member
3 Executive Engineer of State PWD (Building) Sh. Biswajit Member
4 Executive Engineer of State DWS Sh. Kaushik Das Member
5 Principal of Some local college or a Senior Secondary School preferably a residential school Sh. Dipankar Das Kashyap Member
6 Senior Most Teacher of the Vidyalaya Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, PGT (Biology) Member
7 Member of Public (Whose nomination is to be approved by the Chairman, NVS who is the competent authority) Sh. Jitendra Choudhury, (MP) Member
8 Chief Medical Officer of the District Sh. Shanker Das Member
9 Two representatives from Parents (one male and one female to be nominated by Chairman VMC) Sh. MD. Abdul Kalam , Smt. Kajoli Sinha Member
10 Principal Sh. R.P. Meena Member Secretary